Change Log


  • Pickup Service usingv11 WSDL (hornedbull)
  • Added documentation and unit tests for Pickup Service. (radzhome)
  • Update package data to include tools (noodlebreak)


  • Added Location Service using v3 WSDL. (radzhome)
  • Added examples and unit tests for Location Service. (radzhome)
  • Updated certification process scripts to work with latest WSDLs. (radzhome)
  • Added warning logging for requests that come back with warning notes. (radzhome)
  • Added PyPI, Travis, integration/badges. (radzhome)
  • Organization change from gtaylor to python-fedex-devs. (gtaylor)
  • Added deprecation message for movement service. (radzhome)
  • Added conversion tools to convert suds xml object into python dict. (radzhome)
  • Redirect logging to stdout for examples and tests when not ran via nose. (radzhome)


  • Added Country Service / Postal Code Validation service. (radzhome)
  • Added CountryService_v4.wsdl for Postal Code Validation. (radzhome)
  • Added unit tests and examples for Country service. (radzhome)
  • Added Signature Option to ship example. (radzhome)
  • Fix base service logging request and response. (radzhome)


  • Added Validation, Availability and Commitment (AVC) service. (radzhome)
  • Added [Validation]AvailabilityAndCommitmentService_v4.wsdl for AVC service. (radzhome)
  • Added examples and unit tests for AVC service.
  • Refactored examples and documentation. (radzhome)
  • A quick PEP8 pass using pycharm on most of the codebase (radzhome)
  • Add travis yml (radzhome)


  • Bump ShipService WSDL to v17 for create and delete shipment. (radzhome)
  • Bump AddressValidation WSDL to v4. (radzhome)
  • Bump RateService WSDL to v18. (radzhome)
  • Bump TrackService WSDL to v10. (radzhome)
  • General improvements to base class. (radzhome)
  • Refactoring and updates to examples. (radzhome)
  • Added test classes. (radzhome)
  • Remove old and unused WSDLs. (radzhome)
  • Change dependency to suds-jurko to include python 3 support. (radzhome)


  • Made RateService_v16.wsdl point at instead of Fixes issues in production. (ikks)


  • A quick PEP8 pass on most of the codebase. Yucky. (gtaylor)
  • Changing recommended install method to use pip + PyPi. (radzhome)
  • Updated rate_request and freight_rate_request examples for WSDL v16 compatibility. (foxxyz)
  • Updated rate service WSDL from v8 to v16. (foxxyz)
  • Added a freight rate request example (mwcbrent)
  • Bump ShipService WSDL to v13. (mwcbrent)
  • Update rate example to show multiple ServiceTypes. (danielatdattrixdotcom)


  • Re-licensed under BSD.

1.0.12 and 1.0.13

  • Forget that these ever existed.


  • Bug fix of a bug fix for regions config. (jcartmell)


  • Bug fix regarding regions and when they are sent. (jcartmell)


  • Various fixes to RateRequest() FedEx API call. (jcartmell)
  • Added this changelog. (gtaylor)


  • Fixed some problems with the unit tests. (gtaylor)


  • Fixed a bug with international rate request example. (gtaylor)


  • Lots of documentation improvements. (gtaylor)
  • FedEx RateRequest call implemented. (yahtib)
  • FedEx Postal Inquiry call implemented. (yahtib)


  • Removal of unecessary files. (gtaylor)
  • Documentation improvements. (gtaylor)


  • Wrote some label certification modules that can help with the label certification process. (gtaylor)


  • 1.0